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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Can you see Matsumoto Castle from your room?


    A: There are a few rooms from which you can see Matsumoto Castle. There is also a terrace deck in the annex building where you can see the mountains from the Northern Alps and Matsumoto Castle during the afternoon. Additionally, Matsumoto Castle’s tower is lit up until 22:00 throughout the year, wherein the castle stands out in the darkness, so we recommend taking a look at different times.


    Q: What kinds of goods does the hotel shop sell?


    A: Our shop has a selection of products that we hope you’d like to take home as a souvenir, such as traditional crafts, the techniques of which have been passed down for generations, like Matsumoto temari or daruma, or modern glassware that combines glass and lacquerware made by craft artisans. We also provide many goods that guests can use from their rooms, such as our original nightwear and tatami-style slippers, as well as tabi socks with grips on the bottom for when visiting Matsumoto Castle, where you have to take off your shoes.


    Q: Is it ok to send my luggage to the hotel before my arrival? Can I send my luggage from the hotel?


    A: Luggage can be sent to and from the hotel.

    Since it’s possible for luggage to be delayed due to bad weather, we also don’t mind if you decide to send your luggage in advance. Reception can hold on to your luggage and hand it to you upon your arrival.



    390-0874 Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu 4-8-9 Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

    Telephone: 0263-32-0114


    Please write your name and check-in date on the form.

    *The process is possibly smoother if you bring your receipt.

    *We do not accept luggage that’s paid for on arrival. We ask that you send luggage that’s been paid in advance.

    Luggage can also be sent after checking out (advance payment only, within Japan).

    We use Yamato Shipping.


    Q: Is the hotel barrier free?


    A: Unfortunately, the hotel isn’t completely barrier free, but we’ve made arrangements to make it as accessible as possible. There is a slope at the entrance, and in the main building there is an automated door leading to the lobby, elevators, and no steps leading up to the rooms. Since the annex building is an older building, there are some steps. If you need help you can feel free to ask any of the staff.


    Q: Is there a space where I can smoke in the hotel?


    A: All rooms are non-smoking. There is a smoking space on the first floor of the annex building.


    Q: Does the hotel have a parking lot? Is there a fee?


    A: There is paid parking at the hotel. The parking fee for a regular car is \880 per night (for fees for other sizes, please contact the hotel in advance). The parking space is outdoors. When you arrive, reception staff will lead you to the parking space.


    Q: How long can I park for?


    A: Parking is available from check-in (15:00) until check-out (11:00). For parking outside of the times written above, there may be an additional fee, so please contact the staff.


    Q: From when does the cancellation fee take effect?


    (For reservations from 1 to 14 guests)

    Cancellation fees take effect from 3 days before the reservation.

    We charge 20% for 3 days before the reservation, 20% for 2 days before, 30% the day before, 80% the day of, and 100% in the case of a no-show.

    (For groups from 15 to 99 guests)

    We charge 10% for 9 days before the reservation, 30% for 3 days before, 30% for 2 days before, 50% the day before, 80% the day of, and 100% in the of a no-show.

    (For groups over 100 guests)

    We charge 10% for 10 days before the reservation, 10% for 9 days before, 50% for 3 days before, 100% for 2 days before, 100% the day before, 100% the days of, and 100% in the case of a no-show.


    Q: Is there a waiting list?


    A: We apologize, there is no waiting list.


    Q: Is there a shuttle service?


    A: Our hotel has a shuttle service to and from Matsumoto Station. Advance reservation is required.


    Departing Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu >> Arriving at Matsumoto Station
    Departing at: 9:20 AM, 10:20 AM

    Departing Matsumoto Station >> arriving at Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu
    Departing at: 3:00 PM, 4:50 PM, 6:10 PM

    *Note that there is a maximum occupancy limit at all of these times.
    *Please contact us when registering for additional details on where to board at Matsumoto Station.


    Q: How do I walk from Matsumoto Station?


    A: The following are our recommended walking routes from Matsumoto Station:


    Q: What’s the closest bus stop to the hotel?


    A: The closest bus stop to the hotel is Agetsuchi-machi. You can take the Yokota-Shinshu University Loop Line, Asama Onsen via Shinshu University Line, or the Northern Town Sneaker city loop bus.


    Q: How do you get to the airport by bus?


    A: You can either take the direct line airport shuttle or the AirportAsahi Line bus (departure every 30 to 80 minutes) from Matsumoto Station Bus Terminal.

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