月: 2017年8月

  • Summer Nagano Terroir Dinner


    Summer Shinshu dinning with a vacation oriented name and accompanying story.



    Soup served in vibrant blue glassware.

    Cool Hors D’oeuvres – Fresh mussels with jellied Japanese ‘Dashi’ and “Summer Colored” colorful Shinshu vegetables.

    A cool course menu presented by I;caza [ikaza] to escape from the hot summer sun. Summer Shinshu dinning with a vacation oriented name and accompanying story. Enjoy with a delightfully chilled white wine.



    Dinner 18:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O. 20:30)

    Nagano Terroir 8,000 Yen

    3 Vegetable dishes / Fish / Meat / 2 Bread varieties / Dessert / Yoshimitsu Hoji Tea

    Available until 8/31/ 2017


  • From August – Shaved ice with coffee!



    From August summer is here with all of its power!

    The shave ice flag can be seen in many places as the temperature rises. Here at Kagetsu, from August until fall, we will have shaved ice with coffee! To match the “86 Onkan” (Yatoro Onkan) name the coffee will be heated to 86 degrees before being added to the shaved ice.

    Through various trial and error this new shave ice creation was born. Please give it a try with a cup of green tea.

    Kagetsu style monthly flavor shave ice – 750 Yen


    * Thanks to their popularity, Matcha shaved ice with shiratama rice ball or warabi mocha are also still available.


  • From 8/1 ~ 8/10 Marche Buffet - Enjoy a plantation of plentiful sun ba...



    A masterpiece display of colorful vegetables cut to perfect finger food size and presented on ice. Also enjoy our chef’s carefully prepared quiche, chicken liver mousse, sausages, and other charcuterie (French style of prepared meats). The Marche Buffet was inspired by the markets of the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea resorts with over ten kinds of mini tomatoes alone and a bounty of colorful locally produced vegetables.


    “Nagano Terroir” is the masterful manipulation of local ingredients in a simple yet modern buffet presentation style.


    For the main dish, choose from: Fish (Rosy bass poiret with shredded carrots), Meat (Shinshu Fukumidori chicken steak) to be delivered freshly cooked to your seat.


    Marche Buffet – Enjoy a plantation of plentiful sun bathed fresh colorful vegetables


    From 8/1 ~ 8/10

    ◆Weekday hours 11:30~14:00 (Last seating 13:00)

    Prices: Adult 2,300 Yen / Elementary school 1,500 Yen / Preschool age – Free


    ◆Saturday & Sunday: 11:30~ / 12:00~ / 13:00~ / 13:30 ~ (90 minute course times)

    Prices: Adult (2,800 Yen)  Elementary school (1,400 Yen)  Preschool age (Free)


@ Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu