• Notice of Completion of Renovation Work


    Dear valued customer,


    Thank you for your steadfast loyalty and patronage.


    We are pleased to inform guests that the major renovation work we have been conducting since last September was completed on March 27, 2024.

    The details of the renovations carried out during this construction are as follows.


    (1) Hotel exterior wall repair and painting

    We had not painted some decorations, so we painted the entire facility during this work.

    Architect Ms. Yuko Nagayama designed the exterior of our hotel during the rebranding opening in 2016.

    However, some of the work still needed to be done, which was completed during this work.


    (2) Installation of individual air conditioning in all guest rooms

    Before this renovation, we used central air conditioning, but we have now installed air conditioning units in all guest rooms.

    All guests can adjust the temperature in their rooms by themselves, making them comfortable even in spring and fall.


    (3) Renewal work on the public baths

    The men’s and women’s public baths have been completely renewed.

    Powder space has been installed in the women’s public bath for more comfortable use.

    In addition, locks have been installed in the women’s public baths for security, so guests can use safety them.


  • Notice of Renovation Work


    Notice of Renovation Work

    Thank you for choosing Matsushimo Hotel Kagetsu as your preferred accommodation. We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage. We would like to inform you that we will be conducting renovation work at our hotel.

    While we understand that this may cause some inconvenience to our valued guests, please rest assured that we are taking every measure to ensure your comfort during this period. The hotel will remain open for business throughout the renovation. We kindly ask for your continued support.

    Details of the renovation work are as follows:

    Renovation Work at Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu

    1. Main Building: Exterior Painting and Repairs Duration: October 12, 2023, to December 28, 2023 (estimated)

    • Scaffolding will be erected around the main building (east, west, and south sides) during this period.
    • Please note that this may obstruct the view, and we appreciate your understanding.
    • There will be times when curtains need to be closed due to the scaffolding installation.

    2. Entire Hotel – Individual Air Conditioning Unit Installation Duration: September 15, 2023, to January 31, 2024 (estimated)

    • Approximately 10 units will be installed each week, and the hotel will remain open.
    • Some noise may be generated during this installation, but we will do our best to minimize any inconvenience.

    3. Renovation of Public Baths (Male and Female) Duration: January 9, 2024, to March 31, 2024 (estimated)

    • Renovation work will be conducted alternately between the male and female baths.
    • We will provide further information about how to use the baths during the renovation period at a later date.

    We apologize for any inconvenience these renovation works may cause and greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support.

    -End of Notice –

  • 【お知らせ】エコ清掃に関するお知らせ[Notice of eco-cleaning]








    At Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu, as part of our environmental measures, we clean the rooms of guests staying consecutive nights.

    From May 1, 2023, it will be once every two nights.

    At check-in, we will give you the following ecology card.

    If you wish, we can give you new amenities and towels free of charge.

    Additional cleaning on non-cleaning days is charged at 500 yen per person.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • COVID-19 KagetsuCleanProgram


    To All Guests,

    We’d like to sincerely thank you for choosing to stay at Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu. Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the entire country was ordered to enact a state of emergency, and even after lifting the state of emergency, we do not yet know the effects of COVID-19. Under this “New Lifestyle,” our hotel would like to proactively deal with this issue. In order to provide safety and peace of mind for our customers, all our staff will be contributing their full efforts. We would also like to ask our guests for their cooperation, so we kindly as for your understanding. If you have any concerns, please ask our staff at any time. We hope you enjoy your stay!





    On Cleaning and Disinfecting the Hotel

    • Disinfectant will be sprayed and wiped during cleaning hours.
    • Windows will be opened to clear the air during cleaning hours.
    • Television remotes, control panels, phones, etc. will be disinfected with ultraviolet light.
    • Provision of amenities and bed making will be performed after staff disinfect their hands.
    • After cleaning, rooms will be cleaned with a deodorizing machine and disinfected.
    • Toilet disinfectant spray will be installed in all guest rooms’ restrooms.
    • Each elevator’s buttons will be periodically disinfected with ultraviolet light.

    *After using the elevators, we ask that you clean your hands with the alcohol based disinfectant located on each floor.

    • Public restrooms will be washed every day and disinfected and cleaned up each hour.
    • In order to circulate the air, windows will be left open in public areas.


    On Use of the Public Bath

    • There will be no change from the time of use, from 15:00~10:00 the following day.
    • In order to prevent large groups, we ask for no more than 5 guests in the men’s bath and 5 guests in the women’s bath at the same time. Please check the number of slippers in the entrance before entering.
    • A hypochlorous acid spray device will be installed in each changing room to disinfect the air.
    • Staff will periodically clean and disinfect the changing rooms.
    • Please maintain space when using the washing areas in the bathing room.
    • Alcohol Spray will be placed next to the water cooler. Please disinfect your hands before drinking water.


    On Use of the Restaurant

    • Please disinfect your hands with the alcohol spray with the alcohol spray placed at the entrance.
    • Staff will be wearing masks.
    • In order to avoid the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, close contact settings), please seat when directed by the staff.
    • At present, we will be serving a Japanese Style Set Menu.

    If you’d like a bento box prepared for your room, please let the front staff know by 18:00 the day before

    • After finishing meals, tables will be wiped down with alcohol spray. The armrests of chairs, etc. will likewise be disinfected. In cases where the restaurant is full, it may take some time to prepare your table, so we kindly ask for your understanding.
    • The café will also enact the same measures to prevent the “Three Cs.”


    On Use of the Shop tsumugu

    • Displayed products will be disinfected with ultraviolet light.
    • Tables, desks, etc. will wiped down with alcohol or hypocholorous acid.


    On Use of Other Hotel Facilities

    • There are a number of guest facilities. Meeting spaces, coin laundry machines, vending machines, etc. that might not be regularly disinfected. These areas will be cleaned each day, however, since they can’t be disinfected after use by each guest, we ask to wash your hands and use alcohol disinfectant after use.
    • The facilities mentioned above will be cleaned each day with alcohol disinfectant or ultraviolet light.
    • A disinfectant mat will be placed at the entrance of the hotel. We kindly ask to disinfect your shoes before entering the hotel.


    Although enacting all of the above policies, we cannot guarantee a 100% prevention of infection. However, we do believe this will reduce the risk of infection. In order to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all guests who come to stay, we kindly ask for your cooperation.

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