Notice of Completion of Renovation Work


Dear valued customer,


Thank you for your steadfast loyalty and patronage.


We are pleased to inform guests that the major renovation work we have been conducting since last September was completed on March 27, 2024.

The details of the renovations carried out during this construction are as follows.


(1) Hotel exterior wall repair and painting

We had not painted some decorations, so we painted the entire facility during this work.

Architect Ms. Yuko Nagayama designed the exterior of our hotel during the rebranding opening in 2016.

However, some of the work still needed to be done, which was completed during this work.


(2) Installation of individual air conditioning in all guest rooms

Before this renovation, we used central air conditioning, but we have now installed air conditioning units in all guest rooms.

All guests can adjust the temperature in their rooms by themselves, making them comfortable even in spring and fall.


(3) Renewal work on the public baths

The men’s and women’s public baths have been completely renewed.

Powder space has been installed in the women’s public bath for more comfortable use.

In addition, locks have been installed in the women’s public baths for security, so guests can use safety them.


@ Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu