• Utsukushigahara Onsen【Utukushigahara Hot Springs】


    In the Nara period, then emperor Tenmu is said to have visited a hot spring called “Tsukamanonuruyu” and while visiting the hot spring was given a map of the region by local authority, Minonookimi. This event is recorded in The Chronicles of Japan and the hot spring mentioned is, in fact, what is today known as Utsukushigahara Onsen. The Yamanobe Chaya hot spring bathing facility was created in the Azuchi Momoyama and Edo periods by Mr. Hotta for the castle lords of the region.

    The hot springs were later expanded upon as visitors increased and in the Meiji era was renamed Yamabe Onsen. In the 30th year of Showa (1955) the onsen was renamed to Utsukushigahara Onsen but it is still sometimes called “Shiraito No Yu” or “Goten No Yu”, amongst others, reflecting is history and evolution over time. The relaxing calm enjoyed by its visitors, however, has not changed.


  • Hakuba


    The host of the Winter Olympics, Hakuba is a famous winter resort. Most know Hakuba for its skiing but the majestic Northern Alps are also host to numerous events throughout the year.


    June 6月

    ◇Hakuba Cycling Festival

    ◇Pulsatilla Nippoinica and Lotus Glauca Flower Festival

    ◇Tenjin Bath Day (26th)

    ◇Uchiyama Firefly Viewing


    JULY 7月


    ◇Hakuba Alps Flower Celebration 2017

    ◇Hakuba Alps Flower Celebration Opening Event

    ◇Hakuba Iwatake OMM (Original Mountain Marathon)

    ◇Himalayan Blue Poppy Appreciation Day

    ◇Goryu Summer Attraction

    ◇Summer Market Shinshu

    ◇Cool Night Terrace

    ◇47 RUNBIKE CUP 2017


    ◇Hakuba Snow Harp Cross Country Competition

    ◇Hakuba Iwatake Orienteering Derby


    August 8月


    ◇Hakuba Summer Festival

    ◇Happōone Summer Festival

    ◇YOSAKOI Hana Dance Festival Hakuba


    ◇2017 FIS Grand-Prix Ski Jumping in Hakuba



    And much more



    For more information please visit the Hakuba Tourism Board website


  • Utsukushigahara Kogen【Utsukushigahara Highland】


    At an altitude of 2034 meters, the highland is a part of Nagano Prefecture’s largest national park. The highest peak, Ougatou is a flat plateau called Ustukushigahara Highland. In additona to Utsukushigahara Ranch and Sanjo Ranch located at the peak, there are many trekking routes for visitors to enjoy. Utsukushi Tower is a famous symbol of the area, located in the pasture that serves as a warning and evacuation tower to help trekkers find their way in the event of dense fog.

    The largest literary monument is also located in Utsukushigahara.


    The Venus Line is closed for winter from November to April.

  • Fukashi Shrine


    Beginning as Suwa Myoujin the shrine was for the god who protected the region (Ubusuna) at the castle town developed. Later evolving to revered worship of Tenmangu, the god of scholarship. Locals held up their prayers and wishes with honor over the years.


    In 2002, a 1100 year commemorative festival was held by parishioners honoring the founding and establishment of the shrine. At this time, the entire structure was refurbished.


    For more information, please visit the website.


  • Former Kaichi School


    Originally founded as a Buddhist school, this school located north of Matsumoto Castle, was reestablished as a secondary school in the 6th year of Meiji (1873).


    With its octagonal tower in the middle and cut glass windows, this building is a fusion of Western and Japanese architecture. Designated as a cultural heritage site in 1967, the museum displays various educational artifacts from the Edo era to the present.


    Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 (Last entrance 16:30)

    Holidays: New Years (12/29 ~ 1/3)

    3rd Monday of each month from March to November (The following day when Monday is a public holiday)

    Every Monday from December to February (The following day when Monday is a public holiday)


    Entrance fee: Individual: Adult 300 Yen, Elementary and Junior High School age 150 Yen

    Groups: Adult 250 Yen, Elementary and Junior High School age 100 Yen (for groups of 20 or more)

@ Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu