Questions and Answers (Frequent Inquiries)


[Facilities & Equipment]


Q : Is the furniture in the hotel Matsumoto Mingei furniture?

A : Matsumoto Mingei furniture can be found in the lobby, restaurant, and in the guest rooms in the old building.

Matsumoto City is the home of the Japan Mingei [folk art] Museum created by Muneyoshi Yanagi, the founder of the “folk art movement”. Mr. Sanshirō Ikeda, also from Matsumoto, endorsed the movement and is recognized as the founder of Mingei furniture. When constructing the original Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu in 1973 in traditional Meiji era Western style, Sanshirō Ikeda, as an advisor, recommended matching the style with Mingei furniture. That advice was taken then and is also adhered to today as we have generously adorned the hotel with Matsumoto Mingei furniture throughout.



QIs Matsumoto Castle visible from the guest rooms?

A : Matsumoto Castle is visible from a limited number of the guest rooms. There is an observatory terrace in the old portion of the hotel from which the Southern Alps and Mastumoto Castle can be viewed during the daytime. Additionally, Matsumoto Castle is lit up year-round until 22:00 in the evening. The grandeur of the castle lit at night and rising from the darkness is a recommended sight as it reveals an atmosphere much different from the daytime view.



Q : I would like to walk around the town. Can you recommend any destinations?

A : Our concierge’s all know Mastumoto very well. We have prepared a Mingei Map that will help you experience recommended sites encapsulating our hotel concept of “Mingei Philosophy – Everyday Matsumoto”. We can recommend compact courses that introduce the charm of Matsumoto for short walks or half-day courses that allow you to steep in Matsumoto culture. The concierge desk is in the lobby. Please feel free to visit the desk at your leisure.



QWhat amenities and items are available in the guest rooms?

A : The following amenities and items are available:

★Organic (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Hand Soap), Dryer, Toothbrush, Razor, Face Towel, Bath Towel, ※Gown Robe (for wearing over hotel night clothes while in the hotel), ★Hotel night clothes, ★Tabi Socks (with toes), ★Tatami Slippers, ★Bath Basket, Disinfectant/Deodorizing Spray, Water (Evian), Tea (Black tea, Chamomile tea), Glasses, Electric Hot Pot, Blue Tooth Speaker


※★  Items marked with these symbols are also available for sale in the 1st floor hotel shop [tsumugu] in the old building.


※The water from the sink is fresh spring water that was selected as one of the 100 famous spring waters in Japan. The water is safe to drink.


QCan I send my luggage to arrive at the hotel ahead of me? Can I send my luggage from the hotel to my next destination?

A:Yes, you may send luggage to and from the hotel.

Luggage shipping times may be influenced by inclement weather or for other reasons so we will accept luggage in advance of your arrival. We will keep your luggage at the reception desk and hand it over to you at your time of arrival.



■Shipping address for luggage

Nagano-Ken, Matsumoto-Shi, Ote 4-8-9, Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu, 390-0874

Phone: 0263-32-0114



[Note] Please make sure to include your name, and check-in date, on the shipping label.

  • Please bring the shipping label receipt with you to expedite the handover process for shipped luggage.

You may ship luggage at time of checkout from the hotel. (Must be shipped via charge on delivery and shipping is limited to destinations within Japan). Shipping is handled by Yamato Transport.



QWhat types of items are available in the hotel shop?

A:The shop carries traditional Matsumoto crafts such as ‘Temari’ (silk woven balls), Daruma dolls, contemporary glass crafts that use unique components, such as lacquer, and others. You’re sure to find something that you want to take home with you. The shop also carries a large selection of items that you will experience in your room. Original robes, slippers, Tabi socks, and footwear are available for purchase. The Tabi socks are perfect for your visit to Matsumoto Castle, where the flooring is slippery.



QIs the hotel ‘barrier free’ (handicap accessible)?

A:Unfortunately, not all of the hotel is ‘barrier free’. However, we have made every attempt to make the hotel as accessible as possible. The entrance includes an access slope, the lobby and main building entryways have automatic doors, there is elevator access to rooms, and there are no stairs to climb to access rooms. The old building, however, as attempts were made to retain its historic form, has stairs. If you require assistance moving about in the hotel, please contact our staff who are happy to help.




QIs there a bathing facility in the hotel? (Japanese hot bath)

A:Yes, our hot bath uses the fresh spring water that was selected as one of the 100 famous spring waters in Japan. Our hotel is the closest hotel to Matsumoto Castle that has hot bath facilities. The water is not from a hot spring but the soft texture of the spring water is reported to be as luxurious as that of a hot spring.


[For Guests] 16:00 p.m. ~ 10:00 a.m.

[Non-Guests] 16:00 p.m. ~ 22:00 p.m. Charge – 600 Yen



QIs Internet access available in the hotel?

A:WiFi is available in guest rooms, restaurants, tea room, and the lobby.




QAre there smoking areas in the hotel?

A:All guest rooms are non-smoking. There are smoking rooms for men and women on the 1st floor of the old building. Please use these rooms if you wish to smoke.



QAre accommodation packages available for meeting, conference, or company groups?

A:Yes, such packages are available. Please contact the hotel via e-mail, telephone, or fax for details.

Phone: 0263-32-0114 Fax: 0263-33-4775



QDo you have facilities for small group meals?

A:We have private rooms for groups of up to 8 as well as banquet facilities for small and large groups. Please contact the hotel for reservation details.




QDoes the hotel have a chapel and wedding facilities?

A:We do not have a chapel or wedding ceremony facilities but our restaurant [I;caza [ikaza]] is available for wedding receptions. The restaurant is also available for family parties, engagement parties, and ‘follow-up’ wedding reception parties. Please contact the hotel for reservation details.




QDoes the hotel have a parking lot? Is there a toll to use the parking lot?

A:The parking lot is an outdoor lot and the rates are: 525 Yen per day for cars and 2,100 Yen for large vehicles such as buses. There is no limit to the number of cars guests may park in the lot but lot locations may vary depending on usage conditions. [Parking area PDF]. Please see the reception desk for parking information.




QAbout parking times

A:Parking duration is calculated from noon to noon of the following day. For special events or when the lot is full, lot times are from 15:00, at check-in, to 11:00 the following day, at check-out. Please note that use of the lot outside of the times outlined above may result in extra usage charges.





QIs there a shuttle bus?

A:A shuttle bus between the hotel and Matsumoto station is available on a reservation basis.

Matsumoto Station à Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu Departures: 15:00 / 16:50 / 18:10

Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu à Matsumoto Station Departures: 9:20 / 10:20


QPlease tell me how to walk to Matsumoto station.

A:There is a perfect walking route for enjoying the castle town as you walk to the station.




QPlease tell me about the bus stops around the hotel.

A:The closest bus stop is the Agetsuchi-Cho stop. The Yokotashindai line for Asama Onsen (hot spring) via Shinshu University or the ‘Town Sneaker’ city bus, north loop, are available from this stop.




QBuses to the airport

A:There is a direct shuttle bus to the Shinshu Matsumoto airport from the Matsumoto Station bus terminal. The city bus to the station, Asahi line, also goes to the airport (travel time of 30~80 minutes depending on route and traffic).




[About reservations]

QFrom what time do cancellations apply?

A:Cancellation charges take effect from 3 days prior to scheduled stay. Cancellation charges are: 3 days prior to stay: 20%, 2 days prior to stay 30%, day prior to stay 50%, day of stay 80%, non-arrival 100%. For reservations for 15 guests or more, please contact the hotel for details.



QDo you have a wait-list system for reservations when rooms become available?

A:Wait listing is handled via telephone. Please not that for certain days and plans wait listing is unavailable.



QWhat credit cards do you accept?

A:Cards with the JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, and DINNER marks are accepted. We also accept IC cards used by most transportation providers and smart phone electronic payment.



QDo you accept gift coupon cards?

A:We do not accept gift coupon cards.




QCan I bring my pet to the hotel?

A:We do not allow pets in the hotel. Thank you for your understanding.

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