Cafe plans

  • From August – Shaved ice with coffee!



    From August summer is here with all of its power!

    The shave ice flag can be seen in many places as the temperature rises. Here at Kagetsu, from August until fall, we will have shaved ice with coffee! To match the “86 Onkan” (Yatoro Onkan) name the coffee will be heated to 86 degrees before being added to the shaved ice.

    Through various trial and error this new shave ice creation was born. Please give it a try with a cup of green tea.

    Kagetsu style monthly flavor shave ice – 750 Yen


    * Thanks to their popularity, Matcha shaved ice with shiratama rice ball or warabi mocha are also still available.


  • 2017.5.10 Tea Room “Yatoroonkan” Menu Expansion –


    Our new bountiful menu includes our highly recommended 「Kagetsu original hashed beef」, 「fresh farm vegetable black curry」, 「Yatoro one plate lunch」 and more. Enjoy your meal with the aroma of individually, and painstakingly, prepared nel drip coffee.


    Kagetsu original hashed beef [with side of bagna freida and soup]  980 Yen


    Our hashed beef originated in the Meiji era at about the same time Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu was founded. Beef tendon, ribs, onions, and mushrooms are blended and simmered for two days to make this masterpiece. It is finished off with a wine based sauce that creates a masterful blend of mild acidity with the delicious essence from the meat and vegetables.


    Hot Dog [with salad and soup]  850 Yen


    Made with fresh bread from the Komatsu bakery, right next to Matsumoto hotel, this simple favorite is sure to please.

@ Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu