• Yohashira Shrine (4 Pillar Shrine)

  • 2017/09/01

  • As the name implies, this shrine is believed to be occupied by four gods. The first god Amenominakanushi, is said to harmonize the power of the second two gods. The second two gods, Takamimusubi and Kamimusubi are said to have powers of uniting and making flourish. The fourth god, Amaterasu-ōmikami, is an all-powerful god who is said to inhabit Ise Shrine and the grounds of the home of the emperor. The power of this god is said to be what enables the other three gods to inhabit this 4 pillar shrine harmoniously.


    This type of shrine, believed to be inhabited by multiple gods of power, is extremely rare in Japan and is, as such, a place where people from around the nation gather to have their wishes heard and granted.


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