• 【Finished】 Rebranded opening special lunch fair Faveur – Blessings from Nagano

  • 2016/04/05

  • aguri


    We are excited to provide a limited time special lunch fair to celebrate our rebranded opening. Faveur means benefit or blessing in French. In appropriate fashion, we use blessings from Nagano to prepare this special lunch.

    Limited offering lunch course – Faveur 3,500 Yen
    ・Pre – Hors d’oeuvre: Blancmange
    ・Hors d’oeuvre: Love story
    ・Main dish

    Limited time offering set menu Pino 2,000 Yen
    Vegetable & Pork Pasta
    Bread, Salad, Drink included



  • Limited time offering to celebrate our rebranded opening – glass wine service

  • 2016/04/05

  • plan1_01


    To celebrate our rebranded opening we will be serving a glass of red and white wine (one each) to guests residing in Matsumoto who visit us for dinner between the 6th and 27th of April.

    ※Please present a valid identification (drivers license etc.) to prove your residence and drinking age.
    ※Please make a reservation at least one day in advance of your visit.



  • Lunch ・ Dinner Restaurant Menu

  • 2016/04/05

  • Lunch ・ Dinner Menu Information




    Agri – 4,200 Yen
    Agri refers to the agriculture of a locale. We are pleased to serve dishes that call out to be prepared from fresh local ingredients.




    I;caza – 9,800 Yen
    The crown dinner course bearing the same name as the restaurant. Each dish finely represents Nagano ‘Terroir’ (local character).




    Tanno – 12,000 Yen
    In the local Nagano dialect ‘Tanno’ expresses the feeling of satisfaction. Our goal to satisfy you with delightful simple yet modern culinary creations made from fresh local ingredients.