• Hakuba

  • 2017/09/01

  • The host of the Winter Olympics, Hakuba is a famous winter resort. Most know Hakuba for its skiing but the majestic Northern Alps are also host to numerous events throughout the year.


    June 6月

    ◇Hakuba Cycling Festival

    ◇Pulsatilla Nippoinica and Lotus Glauca Flower Festival

    ◇Tenjin Bath Day (26th)

    ◇Uchiyama Firefly Viewing


    JULY 7月


    ◇Hakuba Alps Flower Celebration 2017

    ◇Hakuba Alps Flower Celebration Opening Event

    ◇Hakuba Iwatake OMM (Original Mountain Marathon)

    ◇Himalayan Blue Poppy Appreciation Day

    ◇Goryu Summer Attraction

    ◇Summer Market Shinshu

    ◇Cool Night Terrace

    ◇47 RUNBIKE CUP 2017


    ◇Hakuba Snow Harp Cross Country Competition

    ◇Hakuba Iwatake Orienteering Derby


    August 8月


    ◇Hakuba Summer Festival

    ◇Happōone Summer Festival

    ◇YOSAKOI Hana Dance Festival Hakuba


    ◇2017 FIS Grand-Prix Ski Jumping in Hakuba



    And much more



    For more information please visit the Hakuba Tourism Board website