• COVID-19 KagetsuCleanProgram

  • 2020/05/21

  • To All Guests,

    We’d like to sincerely thank you for choosing to stay at Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu. Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the entire country was ordered to enact a state of emergency, and even after lifting the state of emergency, we do not yet know the effects of COVID-19. Under this “New Lifestyle,” our hotel would like to proactively deal with this issue. In order to provide safety and peace of mind for our customers, all our staff will be contributing their full efforts. We would also like to ask our guests for their cooperation, so we kindly as for your understanding. If you have any concerns, please ask our staff at any time. We hope you enjoy your stay!





    On Cleaning and Disinfecting the Hotel

    • Disinfectant will be sprayed and wiped during cleaning hours.
    • Windows will be opened to clear the air during cleaning hours.
    • Television remotes, control panels, phones, etc. will be disinfected with ultraviolet light.
    • Provision of amenities and bed making will be performed after staff disinfect their hands.
    • After cleaning, rooms will be cleaned with a deodorizing machine and disinfected.
    • Toilet disinfectant spray will be installed in all guest rooms’ restrooms.
    • Each elevator’s buttons will be periodically disinfected with ultraviolet light.

    *After using the elevators, we ask that you clean your hands with the alcohol based disinfectant located on each floor.

    • Public restrooms will be washed every day and disinfected and cleaned up each hour.
    • In order to circulate the air, windows will be left open in public areas.


    On Use of the Public Bath

    • There will be no change from the time of use, from 15:00~10:00 the following day.
    • In order to prevent large groups, we ask for no more than 5 guests in the men’s bath and 5 guests in the women’s bath at the same time. Please check the number of slippers in the entrance before entering.
    • A hypochlorous acid spray device will be installed in each changing room to disinfect the air.
    • Staff will periodically clean and disinfect the changing rooms.
    • Please maintain space when using the washing areas in the bathing room.
    • Alcohol Spray will be placed next to the water cooler. Please disinfect your hands before drinking water.


    On Use of the Restaurant

    • Please disinfect your hands with the alcohol spray with the alcohol spray placed at the entrance.
    • Staff will be wearing masks.
    • In order to avoid the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places, close contact settings), please seat when directed by the staff.
    • At present, we will be serving a Japanese Style Set Menu.

    If you’d like a bento box prepared for your room, please let the front staff know by 18:00 the day before

    • After finishing meals, tables will be wiped down with alcohol spray. The armrests of chairs, etc. will likewise be disinfected. In cases where the restaurant is full, it may take some time to prepare your table, so we kindly ask for your understanding.
    • The café will also enact the same measures to prevent the “Three Cs.”


    On Use of the Shop tsumugu

    • Displayed products will be disinfected with ultraviolet light.
    • Tables, desks, etc. will wiped down with alcohol or hypocholorous acid.


    On Use of Other Hotel Facilities

    • There are a number of guest facilities. Meeting spaces, coin laundry machines, vending machines, etc. that might not be regularly disinfected. These areas will be cleaned each day, however, since they can’t be disinfected after use by each guest, we ask to wash your hands and use alcohol disinfectant after use.
    • The facilities mentioned above will be cleaned each day with alcohol disinfectant or ultraviolet light.
    • A disinfectant mat will be placed at the entrance of the hotel. We kindly ask to disinfect your shoes before entering the hotel.


    Although enacting all of the above policies, we cannot guarantee a 100% prevention of infection. However, we do believe this will reduce the risk of infection. In order to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all guests who come to stay, we kindly ask for your cooperation.

  • Hands-Free Travel[TAKAYAMA⇔MATSUMOTO]

  • 2017/09/29

  • ”Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu” will start [Hands – Free Travel] soon.



    What is Hands-Free Travel?

    ⇒Don’t let luggage, handbags,and souvenirs load you down on your travels and sightseeing tours.

    Hands-Free Travel is a paid service to move your luggege from one hotel to another with guaranteed same-day delivery. Use the service to make your trip more enjoyable.


    ▽For more information, please visit here

    Hands-Free Travel

  • 【Finished】 From August – Shaved ice with coffee!

  • 2017/08/02


    From August summer is here with all of its power!

    The shave ice flag can be seen in many places as the temperature rises. Here at Kagetsu, from August until fall, we will have shaved ice with coffee! To match the “86 Onkan” (Yatoro Onkan) name the coffee will be heated to 86 degrees before being added to the shaved ice.

    Through various trial and error this new shave ice creation was born. Please give it a try with a cup of green tea.

    Kagetsu style monthly flavor shave ice – 750 Yen


    * Thanks to their popularity, Matcha shaved ice with shiratama rice ball or warabi mocha are also still available.


  • 【Finished】 Avoid the searing heat of the summer sun in the cool atmosphere of I;caza [ikaza]

  • 2017/08/02


    A masterpiece display of colorful vegetables cut to perfect finger food size and presented on ice. Also enjoy our chef’s carefully prepared quiche, chicken liver mousse, sausages, and other charcuterie (French style of prepared meats). The Marche Buffet was inspired by the markets of the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea resorts with over ten kinds of mini tomatoes alone and a bounty of colorful locally produced vegetables.


    “Nagano Terroir” is the masterful manipulation of local ingredients in a simple yet modern buffet presentation style.


    For the main dish, choose from: Fish (Rosy bass poiret with shredded carrots), Meat (Shinshu Fukumidori chicken steak) to be delivered freshly cooked to your seat.


    Marche Buffet – Enjoy a plantation of plentiful sun bathed fresh colorful vegetables


    From 8/1 ~ 8/10

    ◆Weekday hours 11:30~14:00 (Last seating 13:00)

    Prices: Adult 2,300 Yen / Elementary school 1,500 Yen / Preschool age – Free


    ◆Saturday & Sunday: 11:30~ / 12:00~ / 13:00~ / 13:30 ~ (90 minute course times)

    Prices: Adult (2,800 Yen)  Elementary school (1,400 Yen)  Preschool age (Free)


  • 2017.5.10 Tea Room “Yatoroonkan” Menu Expansion –

  • 2017/07/04

  • Our new bountiful menu includes our highly recommended 「Kagetsu original hashed beef」, 「fresh farm vegetable black curry」, 「Yatoro one plate lunch」 and more. Enjoy your meal with the aroma of individually, and painstakingly, prepared nel drip coffee.


    Kagetsu original hashed beef [with side of bagna freida and soup]  980 Yen


    Our hashed beef originated in the Meiji era at about the same time Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu was founded. Beef tendon, ribs, onions, and mushrooms are blended and simmered for two days to make this masterpiece. It is finished off with a wine based sauce that creates a masterful blend of mild acidity with the delicious essence from the meat and vegetables.


    Hot Dog [with salad and soup]  850 Yen


    Made with fresh bread from the Komatsu bakery, right next to Matsumoto hotel, this simple favorite is sure to please.

  • 春のながのテロワールフェア〔Dinner-MENU〕

  • 2017/04/12

  • ながのの食材が待ち焦がれた日本海からの贈り物



    歓送迎会 料理2

    春のながのテロワールフェア〔Dinner-MENU〕   ¥8,000

    1. 食事の前の一時

    2. 冷前菜

    3. 温前菜

    4. 2種類のパン

    5. 温前菜
    恋物語…信州ならでは鯉のフリット 木の芽かおる味噌のソース

    6. 魚料理

    7. 肉料理
    信州育ち…旨味たっぷりの信州和牛のロティ 山の塩と野菜のエスカベッシュ

    8. デザート
    皿に咲く遅咲きの桜…松本の春を彩る桜の香りのマカロン ライチのシャーベットとともに

    9. 食後には
    上田市「喜光堂」の真心こめて焙煎された心温まる「春一番摘み ほうじ茶」





  • 2017/01/05

  • Your reservation should be at the lowest or equal lowest price possible.

    Should you find a lower price with the same booking conditions on the other booking site within 24 hours of your booking, we will match the rate.


    Guarantee Terms and Conditions


    This guarantee applies to confirmed reservations made via only.

    Your confirmation number must be submitted to complete the claim.


    ■The following conditions must apply:


    ・Same hotel

    ・Same period of stay

    ・Same room / bed type

    ・Same number of guests

    ・Same currency

    ・Same payment / deposit condition

    ・Same stay conditions, including but not limited to advance purchase requirements, day of arrival requirement, minimum stay requirement, book period, prepayment and deposit requirements

    ・Same cancellation and amendment policies


    ■Our Guarantee does not apply to the following:


    ・Unpublished rates that are not meant for the general public. Lower rates available through opaque sites, where the exact hotel is not known until after booking, are also excluded from the guarantee.

    ・Rate disparities due to fluctuations, rounding, or differences in the currency exchange rate.

    ・Hotel packages or travel packages which may include hotel, airfare, car rental, food and beverage offers or other similar packages or amenities.

    ・Pre-paid rates which may include a voucher(including electronic vouchers) or credit card, group or other specially negotiated rates.

    ・The room must be available for instant confirmation when we validate the claim.

    ・Hotel Monterey reserves the right to modify, review, append, suspend or terminate the “Best Price Guarantee” at any time.



  • Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ Banquet Plan

  • 2016/04/08

  • pick0408_01


    We are prepared to arrange gatherings for social gatherings with friends, formal welcome or farewell parties, year end or new year parties, annual meetings, and more. Please contact us for details.
    Dining: Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ (multicourse) dining Select from 5,400 Yen, 6,480 Yen, 7,560 Yen, 8,640 Yen courses
    Options: All you can drink option
    All you can drink 2,700 Yen plan Bottled beer (Asahi medium sized bottle) ・ Non-alcohol beer ・ Japanese Sake (cold & hot) ・ Japanese ‘Shochu’ (Potato or Wheat) ・ Whiskey ・ Wine (Red & White) ・ Oolong tea ・ Orange juice

    All you can drink 3,240 Yen plan
    The 2,700 Yen plan plus Gin & Tonic, Campari soda

    ※All you can drink plans are for 90 minutes



  • Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu ・ Rebranded opening special plan (Two meal ・ I;caza course)

  • 2016/04/05

  • plan1_02


    Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu will be reborn from April of 2016! We will be celebrating with rebranded opening daily specials so everyone can enjoy the new Kagetsu. Two meal specials in the new cuisine concept [Nagano Terroir – Nagano local character] for your enjoyment. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the new Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu.




    【Dinner Concept】

    In conjunction with our rebranded opening, we are delighted to introduce a new dinning concept, Nagano Terroir or Nagano local character. Fresh local ingredients are maximized to provide a plentiful assortment of simple yet modern dishes.


    Click here for reservations

  • Nagano Terroir – Dishes from the local land of Nagano – (Two dish ・ Tanno Course)

  • 2016/04/05

  • plan2_02


    Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu celebrates its rebranded opening in April of 2016. The hotel restaurant is happy to introduce a new dining concept in conjunction with our reopening.
    The new Matsumoto Hotel Kagestu has been rebranded with the concept of ‘Mingei Philosophy & Matsumoto Lifestyle’ and our goal is to epitomize the principle of ‘Tarikibi’ or ‘finding beauty in the world beyond oneself’ as we strive to provide a stay that allows guests to let go and relax as they enjoy their surroundings.




    Enjoy dinner at our restaurant I;caza with our Tanno course. In the local Nagano dialect ‘Tanno’ expresses the feeling of satisfaction which is why we call this our Tanno course as it is our goal to satisfy you with a delightful ‘Nagano Terroir’ [local character] course.


    Click here for reservations