• 【Finished】 Avoid the searing heat of the summer sun in the cool atmosphere of I;caza [ikaza]

  • 2017/08/02


    A masterpiece display of colorful vegetables cut to perfect finger food size and presented on ice. Also enjoy our chef’s carefully prepared quiche, chicken liver mousse, sausages, and other charcuterie (French style of prepared meats). The Marche Buffet was inspired by the markets of the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea resorts with over ten kinds of mini tomatoes alone and a bounty of colorful locally produced vegetables.


    “Nagano Terroir” is the masterful manipulation of local ingredients in a simple yet modern buffet presentation style.


    For the main dish, choose from: Fish (Rosy bass poiret with shredded carrots), Meat (Shinshu Fukumidori chicken steak) to be delivered freshly cooked to your seat.


    Marche Buffet – Enjoy a plantation of plentiful sun bathed fresh colorful vegetables


    From 8/1 ~ 8/10

    ◆Weekday hours 11:30~14:00 (Last seating 13:00)

    Prices: Adult 2,300 Yen / Elementary school 1,500 Yen / Preschool age – Free


    ◆Saturday & Sunday: 11:30~ / 12:00~ / 13:00~ / 13:30 ~ (90 minute course times)

    Prices: Adult (2,800 Yen)  Elementary school (1,400 Yen)  Preschool age (Free)


  • 春のながのテロワールフェア〔Dinner-MENU〕

  • 2017/04/12

  • ながのの食材が待ち焦がれた日本海からの贈り物



    歓送迎会 料理2

    春のながのテロワールフェア〔Dinner-MENU〕   ¥8,000

    1. 食事の前の一時

    2. 冷前菜

    3. 温前菜

    4. 2種類のパン

    5. 温前菜
    恋物語…信州ならでは鯉のフリット 木の芽かおる味噌のソース

    6. 魚料理

    7. 肉料理
    信州育ち…旨味たっぷりの信州和牛のロティ 山の塩と野菜のエスカベッシュ

    8. デザート
    皿に咲く遅咲きの桜…松本の春を彩る桜の香りのマカロン ライチのシャーベットとともに

    9. 食後には
    上田市「喜光堂」の真心こめて焙煎された心温まる「春一番摘み ほうじ茶」




  • 【Finished】 Rebranded opening special lunch fair Faveur – Blessings from Nagano

  • 2016/04/05

  • aguri


    We are excited to provide a limited time special lunch fair to celebrate our rebranded opening. Faveur means benefit or blessing in French. In appropriate fashion, we use blessings from Nagano to prepare this special lunch.

    Limited offering lunch course – Faveur 3,500 Yen
    ・Pre – Hors d’oeuvre: Blancmange
    ・Hors d’oeuvre: Love story
    ・Main dish

    Limited time offering set menu Pino 2,000 Yen
    Vegetable & Pork Pasta
    Bread, Salad, Drink included



  • Limited time offering to celebrate our rebranded opening – glass wine service

  • 2016/04/05

  • plan1_01


    To celebrate our rebranded opening we will be serving a glass of red and white wine (one each) to guests residing in Matsumoto who visit us for dinner between the 6th and 27th of April.

    ※Please present a valid identification (drivers license etc.) to prove your residence and drinking age.
    ※Please make a reservation at least one day in advance of your visit.



  • Summer Nagano Terroir Dinner

  • 2017/08/02

  • Summer Shinshu dinning with a vacation oriented name and accompanying story.



    Soup served in vibrant blue glassware.

    Cool Hors D’oeuvres – Fresh mussels with jellied Japanese ‘Dashi’ and “Summer Colored” colorful Shinshu vegetables.

    A cool course menu presented by I;caza [ikaza] to escape from the hot summer sun. Summer Shinshu dinning with a vacation oriented name and accompanying story. Enjoy with a delightfully chilled white wine.



    Dinner 18:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O. 20:30)

    Nagano Terroir 8,000 Yen

    3 Vegetable dishes / Fish / Meat / 2 Bread varieties / Dessert / Yoshimitsu Hoji Tea

    Available until 8/31/ 2017