• Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ Banquet Plan

  • 2016/04/08

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    We are prepared to arrange gatherings for social gatherings with friends, formal welcome or farewell parties, year end or new year parties, annual meetings, and more. Please contact us for details.
    Dining: Japanese ‘Kaiseki’ (multicourse) dining Select from 5,400 Yen, 6,480 Yen, 7,560 Yen, 8,640 Yen courses
    Options: All you can drink option
    All you can drink 2,700 Yen plan Bottled beer (Asahi medium sized bottle) ・ Non-alcohol beer ・ Japanese Sake (cold & hot) ・ Japanese ‘Shochu’ (Potato or Wheat) ・ Whiskey ・ Wine (Red & White) ・ Oolong tea ・ Orange juice

    All you can drink 3,240 Yen plan
    The 2,700 Yen plan plus Gin & Tonic, Campari soda

    ※All you can drink plans are for 90 minutes